Texas is facing an infrastructure short fall. The state’s rapidly expanding population continuously demands additional infrastructure to handle this exponential growth. Texas needs new roads, airports, bridges, transit systems, railways, seaports, water, sewage and utility systems. At the same time, maintenance costs for existing facilities continue to sky rocket. 

However, state and local governing bodies face a new unsettling reality… funding is limited, or simply not available to cover the cost of needed facilities and infrastructure improvements.

The American Society of Civil Engineers claims that a huge gap exists in what the government can fund and what improvements and renovations are needed for our society to function properly.  The short fall in infrastructure funding is estimated to be in the billions of dollars. The problem is that there are too many desirable infrastructure projects and too few public funds available.

Although the magnitude of the funding gap may seem daunting, it opens up lucrative investment opportunities for private equity infrastructure investors.

Tomlin Infrastructure Group serves as a bridge to cash-strapped infrastructure providers and investors by working with public entities to source and/or create new “public-private partnerships” (PPPs) in which private equity can invest. As a result, infrastructure investing is no longer limited to large, institutional players with entrenched relationships. This allows private investors to determine which infrastructure projects match their investment objectives and risk profiles.