Tomlin helps grow communities through Public-Private Partnerships.

Tomlin Infrastructure Group is the “Intermediary” for infrastructure funds and public entities to facilitate new infrastructure projects.

Tomlin Infrastructure Group sources and creates investment opportunities in toll roads, rail intermodals, airports, utilities and public service facilities.


The Texas Infrastructure Act of 2011 provides the framework for enabling governmental agencies to enter into Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) to develop wide range of projects and services for public use in the State of Texas.  Tomlin Infrastructure Group (TIG) uses the Infrastructure Act of 2011 to facilitate PPP projects.

Utilizing its experience, knowledge and relationships, TIG originates infrastructure opportunities with public entities.  The first crucial phase of this process is a feasibility determination, where TIG assesses the political, economic, financial and operational risks of the project.

TIG works with investors and public entities to structure win-win transactions.